When children attend Learning Peace Camp,
they will come out having learned how to skillfully navigate the kinds of everyday conflicts we all experience.

What do I need to know about Peace Camp?

  • Learning Peace is a FREE day camp in Nampa for children ages 6-13

  • Learning Peace is held July 30-August 2, 2018 from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Learning Peace is held at the Hispanic Cultural Center, 315 Stampede Drive, Nampa, ID

  • Learning Peace Campers are supervised and covered by insurance

What will my child learn at Peace Camp?

  • Conflict resolution through practical tools for becoming active peacemakers
  • Connecting with nature through cooperative,  team-building activities while enjoying the outdoors
  • Media literacy by teaching discernment about digital information sources
  • Mindful movement through quietness, and physical movement
  • Music appreciation, self-expression through art, and learning with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Ready to register? Just follow this link and fill out the information! It's that easy!

Are you interested in volunteering?

  • We are recruiting for all volunteer areas in Learning Peace:

    • Subject teachers for these areas -  Connecting with Nature, Conflict Resolution, Media Literacy, Mindful Movement
    • Group Guides shepherd small groups of children to activities and classes
    • Field trip leaders organize groups for the bus ride to Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and provide supervision during the trip
    • Island time supervisors help children take a break from structured activities with quiet time, stories, and rest
    • General Volunteers assist with registration, giving directions, answering questions, helping with arts and crafts, lunches and snacks, and cleaning and maintaining our spaces at the Hispanic Cultural Center
  • Any time you can offer or skills you can share are greatly needed, even if it is just a few hours or some of the days during  the camp time!  Contact our Coordinator (information below) to share your interests and ideas.
  • Our Volunteer Orientation will be held Monday, July 23rd at 7 pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 411 10th Avenue South, Nampa.  If you cannot be present, information can be shared with you prior to the start of Camp.  Supplies are provided for every part of Camp.

Any questions can be directed to

Learning Peace Camp Coordinator Diane McGeoch


“At the Learning Peace Camp, leaders not only talk about empathy, acceptance, tolerance, and kindness; they demonstrate these traits."

Mother of camp participant